A boat, some waves and a storm named Earl … Who picks these names?

Seriously, who’s the person that selects the name of the storm and why Earl? Is that supposed to create some level of fear and make you stay at home? Ok, Moving on. Been out wandering a few times, checking out my father in laws boat and took some snap shots. 


Oh and I just realized that a couple of the pics are from last week. I’m sure you’ll be able to determine which ones were taken in the storm and which ones weren’t. Update: I’ve managed to split them out. The following photos are from last week.


Moving on. The Pictou Marina is a mess. Docks smashed and from what I could see only one boat beached. On a closer inspection I did notice a guy sitting in his fishing boat having a beer, heard he spent the night on the boat. I’m not sure drinking beer, on a boat, in a hurricane is the smart thing to do. Maybe trying to qualify for the Darwin Award.

Quick video now, with some piss poor commentary. Don’t think I’ll be a journalist anytime soon.

[vimeo 14699672 w=400 h=300]

Some boat watching, during Earl. from Robert Snell on Vimeo.


The sun is coming out and this post is over … Anything you want to add or share, feel free.

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