A Merry Twhisky! Scotch and Billiards …

Once upon a time there was a Twhisky that was planned in a timely manner and lately I have been falling behind with the Twhisky planning and not getting the notices out for the Halifax Twhisky gathering with enough notice.

As I write this I am thinking this weeks Twhisky will be quiet and this is in part due to my inability lately to get the event out in enough time. While I am not going to cancel this weeks (November 25th) I may rule out attending QBBQ this week. That being said I will have the couple people interested around to my house to enjoy some Scotch and random conversations/discussions.

Moving on …

The December Twhisky. I’d like to wrap up the year with a great Twhisky and get 15 – 20 people out. I am currently looking at either the 17th or the 20th of December for this gathering and as a holiday surprise it looks like I may have a bottle of Glendronach to give away to a lucky attendee. 

If you have any questions let me know. If you’d like to register visit http://merrywhisky.eventbrite.com/ (This is scheduled for December 17th)


  1. In case you missed it, Twhisky will be on the 18th and that would be this coming saturday. Due to over booking we may be stuck at my place for this Twhisky and not in the common rooms at my building.

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