A political rambling …

Another election on the go and bam, there goes $300 million! Now we get to suffer through the child like finger pointing and fear mongering that most all political parties will participate in.

Lets kick this off with Stephen Vladimir Harper, and by all accounts the man who has some control issues and thinks his staff have no ability to tie their own shoes. He is also the political genius that seems to forget that he once toyed with the #coalition option …

Next … Ignatieff, while not my first choice for a Liberal leader he sure is better than the other available options and really he seems to be doing ok so far, mind you if you compare him to Dion he would be a political genius.

And now for the … Ugh, I don’t know. Jack Layton. At times he seems like he could be an acceptable PM, but more often then not, he says something stupid. Granted there is also the fear that the NDP will spend Canada into an unrecognizable mess.

Last but not least … the gifted wonder Elizabeth May. I really don’t have anything nice to say here, so on that note …

Watching the political race unfold is an aggrivating and annoying affair. The mouth opens and in my case I want to turn the internet off, throw the TV out the window or move to a small remote island without electricity. Harper beating on about a coalition he once thought about, Elizabeth May running for no reason but to hear herself speak, Ignatieff trying to run a political campaign while having to go on like a broken record and Jack Layon will spend spend spend! Excellent options, we should just pick a winner the same way we predict the weather. Spin the wheel!

What are your thoughts on this election?

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