A quiet weekend! A boat, some gardens and nice weather ….

It is the end of August, summer is coming to an end (I’m not sad about this, I am a cold weather person after all). My wife and I spent the weekend wandering, on a boat and just all around enjoying the nice weather. However, soon the allergies will end, the snow will come and the skis will be out … 

Moving on, before I upset someone with my cold weather wishes …

Yesterday we made our way down to the father in laws new sailboat and took a 5 hour tour …. Great sailboat that I look forward to seeing a lot more next summer. 37″ of good times to come, I’m sure. Makes me want to buy a boat.


Today we spend the day wandering … Around the house, Caribou Island and the Pictou Wharf.  All of the photos today are from a Nikon D5000. 


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