A random rambling: Broadband, mobile phones and airlines …

Lets kick this off on the topic of broadband metering, nothing new really and happens in a lot of countries. Canada is not the first by any stretch of the imagination, why is this such an important topic to 200,000+ people? Odds are 95%+ of the people in Canada will never hit the caps put in place. I remember when living in Scotland BT used to give usage based caps and give access to broadband usage stats through a portal. Not once did I come close to the cap.

I wonder how many people would actually hit or even come close to reaching the cap? It would be interesting to see the user stats. Just to be clear I don’t support the cap, I’m more curious on the how many people it would actually impact. Personally I would most likely be considered a heavy user and be billed for excessive usage.

Moving on to mobile phones, a slowly changing industry in Canada due to increased competition. But how long until the incumbents open the purse strings and buy or bury the competitors? Geographically I understand that Canada is massive and rolling out a mobile network is expensive, but damn … Canada on last check rated as one of the worst in the world by the OECD with the US and Spain. 

And last but not least …. airlines! What an uncompetitive industry that is definitely not in the best interest of the consumer. Why not open the skies to foreign competition? Who really cares if Air Canada has issues (other than unions and politicians), if they can’t adapt and compete on the world stage why is the Canadian consumer required to keep them afloat? I guess the other issue here is the damn taxes & fees … If the taxes & fees are higher than the damn plane ticket then … (insert profanity here). 

Well thats all … for now … topics that are annoying and will most likely persist for the foreseeable future. 

I could go on but then I’d never get to bed and well I have to work in the morning. But a few other areas that could use a kick in the ass are insurance, banking and well the CBC (Seriously if my taxes are being spent on that then get rid of the commercials, like the BBC in the UK).

What do you think?

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