a time to post …

or a lack thereof.

Between the new and expanded family, work and the start of the golf season … blogging has become a challenge. part of said blogging challenge is also my involvement in a new golf-related venture and the variety of challenges that come with that. Videos, products and again, blogging.

Another distraction is social media, mind you I find myself using it less the last couple of years. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a few others.

I’m thinking I almost have to force myself to blog if it is going to happen. Kind of like I’m doing now. Almost have to remind myself to use social media some days as well.

On the road now and happen to have a few minutes to post. How do you make time to blog?

In other news, I am looking at new opportunities for Confidion and myself, with some of those opportunities being with some great startups in Nova Scotia.

Always moving forward and always working to succeed.

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