A variety of thoughts … Buses, CMS and Social Media.

As most of my posts in the past have been driven by the news I read, the activities I do or the bizzare actions of others, this post will not change.

Lets kick this off with the transit strike in Halifax and well other than being tired of it, the general conversations around it are somewhat puzzling. I can understand the cities position as the current structure is just not cost effective and well that has to change. The thing I don’t understand is the demand by some to classify the transit workers as “essential services”. When I think of essential services I think of firemen, police, doctors and similar. In no way can I think how a bus driver can be classified in the same space. What am I missing?

Moving on and this is more related to what I do for a living …

Content management systems, everyone could use one running their website. What I fail to grasp is why so many companies decide using a CMS from a small business is a good idea. Two things to consider when your web developer says “hey we are going to build your website on our bespoke content management system that no one but us can support” …

  • One, the odds of your site or content easily being mobile should you leave the provider. 
  • Two, the odds of a small provider going under.

I suggest companies review the solution they select carefully. Getting locked into some no name CMS could end up costing you quite a bit down the road. WordPress, Joomla, Plone and many more, all great options supported by many. 

And finally, my last random thought of the day.

Social media. It appears that Twitter and Facebook are producing experts daily. For any small business the only social media expert you need is yourself. If you have ever networked, then damn you just might survive in social media. Engage with people, participate and try and refrain from saying anything stupid that could reflect poorly on your business. 

That is about it for today and like I have said on a number of posts … I need to blog more often. Someday I will find the time to do this. 



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  1. I hate those bespoke CMS systems! I’ve seen several charities and small businesses get stuck in that rut…not happy with what they got, they move on and have to start from scratch…costing them double or more in the long run. And yes to the "too many social media experts" too… they’re popping up like dandelions. Yesterday I saw a real estate agent offering to train people on social media… and he’s not that great himself…

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