A web hosting #fail by @123reg or @123reghelp

So this weekend past I was trying to make some changes to one of my server accounts and discovered that one of the companies I had chosen were questionable at best. No support on weekends, no ability to order extra IP’s and support staff that leave me scratching my head.

If I client sends in a request for support services, the client expects it to be dealt with in a timely manner. In the case of 123-reg.co.uk (or WebFusion) it appears that 16 hours is acceptable and actually quick, given it was a weekend. I was later informed by someone at 123-reg.co.uk that support doesn’t work on weekends. 


For a company like WebFusion that states they have 1 million clients, their take on service and support is terrible. Here’s hoping it improves, otherwise I need to find a professional service and not a micky mouse operation. 


The company can’t even get an order right. Not the end of the world, but if I order CentOS and you give me Red Hat, then you need to work on your business … 

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