Another fantastic #Twhisky

A few of us got together last week for yet another fantastic Twhisky and this time we all gathered at Paul Stulacs on Lower Water St (2 thumbs up for the great spot). In case you are wondering Twhisky is a casual gathering involving cigars, scotch and conversation. I’d like to blog further on the conversation, but what happens in Twhisky, stays in Twhisky … alternativly it is shared with the Twitterverse!

Here are some shots, mind you they are dark and really not that great. If anyone that attended has some photos they would like to share I’d be happy to post them.


Another fantastic Twhisky and I am looking forward to the nice weather and sitting outdoors. Cigars+Small room=unhappy spouse when one arrives home. Not all are fans of the odour cigars produce.

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