Another year bites the dust.

2018 is done and gone, 2019 is well on its way and my daughter has turned one. Time has flown and damn I’m happy.

Overall the year has been good, for the most part. Golf, family and great views. Minimal interruptions or distractions in 2018 and I’ll get to those in a bit.

Golf in 2018 saw many improvements, however, I need to work on the mental aspect of competitive golf. If it’s a fun round I do ok, but add the stress of actual competition and the game suffers far too much. The yips and other random issues creep up. Fore left.

Hoping to address this in 2019 and work through it.

If you play any sport or golf at a competitive level, what do you do to deal with the mental distractions when playing?

My daughter, the cottage and my 2018 in photos, just check out my instagram, it was a damn good year.


The year was fairly easy, no travelling and I got to work remotely with great clients (for the most part) both locally and internationally. No real travel in 2018, nowhere exotic or new anyways.

Back to the grind in 2019 combined with parenting full time while my better half returns to the office. It will be interesting to take my daughter to a client meeting …

Client challenges in 2018. Really only one, a company called <insert company here>. If you want to know who they are … email me, contact me via social media or give me a call. They cost me a lot of money, wasted a bit of my time and had to chase them down (involved the small claims court to resolve). Now at this company, the staff were good, but the owner was poorly organized and I’ll say forgetful when it suited him.

Other challenges in 2018, not work-related.

I continue to be invoiced by a service provider for something that wasn’t going to cost me anything. But it appears the service provider changed their mind and let me know this via invoice. This is an ongoing work in progress.

Random item of frustration. I have received at least 200 “anonymous” emails and messages. Not positive either, although some have been bizzare. I’m certain I know the origin of these and will hopefully address and resolve this in 2019.

Moving on and looking at 2019 … I hope my competitive golf game improves, I get to continue working with interesting/fantastic clients, travel more and continue being a great father and husband.

Also in 2019. House work, renovations etc. We have a house, its old and the work is and will be continuous and ongoing.

Lastly. Here’s hoping I blog more in 2019.

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