Apple, Steve Jobs and a certain level of curiosity or is it confusion …

This brain dump is the result of a Globe and Mail article “Steve Jobs right up there with Edison and Ford“.

I am really confused (well, guess I answered the title question) at the recent news surrounding Steve Jobs. In some sort of geeky way the man is seen as some sort of god who has greatly contributed to something, however this is where things get a little foggy. What has Steve Jobs done to warrent all of the attention? He is a CEO who has successfully guided a company with the help of an obviously fantastic management team. 

Articles such as a recent one in the Globe and Mail compare Jobs to Edison or Ford (Steve Jobs right up there with Edison and Ford) and I am really not sure how these even begin to compare. If I am reading correctly an individual by the name of Konrad Zuse had invented the first computer, should he not be considered in the same class as Edison and Ford? I think people are mistaking creativity, design and maybe his bizzare leadership for innovation. Now I know someone will likely mention the fact that Jobs has a lot of patents to his name, but, how many were merely the result of a team effort vs Jobs coming up with this stuff on his own? Steve Jobs made computers sexy, usable and cool. 

I know a lot of people would most likely disagree with this quick brain dump, but I really don’t see the comparison. I like apple products and software, I just think people are putting too much stock into Jobs.

What do you think, Is the attention deserved or is Steve Jobs just another CEO who has made all the right moves?

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  1. While the last thing I want to do is diminish Jobs’ incredible accomplishments, I don’t think it’s fair to put them on the same level as electricity, the modern production line, and cars. While fantastic, exciting, and certainly an joy to use, Apple’s products are still essentially luxury products. I have similar thoughts when Apple is referred to as being more "valuable" than companies like Exxon Mobil. Cash reserves and market cap aside, if everything came crashing down tomorrow, which one do you think would still really matter?

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