Where did the time go …

Another year goes by in a blur and I didn’t blog much. While I am hoping to change this in 2020, time may not allow this to occur. Another year and busy as hell. My daughter is growing like a weed, work is never-ending and it appears 2020 will be …continue reading

Another year bites the dust.

2018 is done and gone, 2019 is well on its way and my daughter has turned one. Time has flown and damn I’m happy. Overall the year has been good, for the most part. Golf, family and great views. Minimal interruptions or distractions in 2018 and I’ll get to those in …continue reading

a time to post …

or a lack thereof. Between the new and expanded family, work and the start of the golf season … blogging has become a challenge. part of said blogging challenge is also my involvement in a new golf-related venture and the variety of challenges that come with that. Videos, products and …continue reading

Opinion, thoughts and clarification.

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions what I thought about Nova Scotia’s new take on cyber safety and after a brief look, it appears to still have issues. The primary issue seems to be accessibility and it is the most significant in the latest attempt to create legislation and …continue reading

Back to blogging …

After a year away from the blog I figure it is time to come back. The last couple of years have been a challenge of sorts. But moving on and getting back into blogging and a return to regular social media usage. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking …continue reading

Social media and location based data

After some discussion and prompting, this post is looking at social media and the idea of location-based data. The concept itself is of great interest to many and from what I have seen to date, the services are somewhat inaccurate or very high level (unless of course, you own the …continue reading

Duck Tacos

Looking at expanding the diversity of my blog and will be starting to post recipes. The first being duck tacos, so let’s get this started. To get these tacos started you need to sort out the duck. This is what I use in making the tacos, it is rich, tasty …continue reading