A cellular annoyance. Mobile phones in Canada. Getting unlocked with Bell.

This is a cell phone rant of sorts focused directly at Bell. I am currently not enjoying my interactions with Bell Canada and their inability to unlock my wife’s phone. It is really a mixed bag of messaging this company gives out to its consumers around the holy grail of unlocking ones iPhone. It appears while a person may own their phone, they really don’t. With Bell you only “own” your phone when the contract is finished (and contracts for cell phones n Canada is a whole level of BS I won’t get into). Now if you are in one of their stores the messaging is “yes you can do that, not a problem”. Anything to get you signed up and out the door.

I’m locked in a contract (god forbid that will never happen again) and want to unlock the phone Bell says I own. When asking Bell to unlock the phone, that is where the ownership questions comes into play.

Me: Who owns the phone?
Bell employee: you.
Me: Unlock it then.
Bell employee: We can’t,  you’re under contract.
Me: Then what you’re saying is I don’t own the phone.
Bell employee: No, it is yours.

This goes on for a little while and trying to sort this out with someone who clearly can’t deviate from the pre scripted answers only adds to the frustration. I even tried to get a manager and basically had a rep put me on hold and I’ll assume play some angry birds before he came back with a BS answer. No manager. If you are bored call a bell rep and tell them you want to unlock your iPhone, you’ll be bouncing your head off something within minutes and regretting calling customer service.

For some reason I deviated from my normal no contract, just buy my phones stance and now I am paying for it. Word of advise. Buy your phone outright. Contracts on cell phones only see you paying much more than the phone is worth and getting stuck with antiquated tech.

And that is all, for the time being.

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