End of 2014 and the new year.

First I will start this post off apologizing to anyone that was either confused, annoyed or puzzled by my Twitter feed in 2014. It was likely a confusing time for many if they read my random posts done in frustration (and there was a lot of that) and It all stems from a company I am involved with (and someone that was involved).  I’ve had all of 2014 to stew and subject others to my frustration (which was likely annoying).

Thankfully I have some great friends & family and the general consensus is that the chapter needs to be closed on this book. So that being said, the year is drawing to an end and this too needs to come to an end. Yesterday really was interesting. I was sent a few screen shots of someone playing the victim on Facebook and he claimed that someone was trying to sell his company from under him. Most frustratingly people were buying into it, people I know. With that, there is no company for sale, I wish there was. We’ve spent the last year working with professionals trying to sort out the indiscretions of one person going back to late 2009 (when the company was actually founded) and the other nonsense is just that.

Over the next couple of weeks this escapade will be wrapped up with December and 2015 looking good. New and continuing opportunities working with some great start ups, my own opportunities and looking forward to the 2015 golf season.

Till next time.

Quick update: Apparently the post in question from Facebook was removed. Here is part of the screen capture of what was posted:

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 10.07.46 AM


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