Groupon, What do they know?

Seriously, what does Groupon know that no one else does? If this rumored Google deal was set to happen, why the hell did they turn it down. A few billion to sell a business that will most likely be short lived and odds are will be over taken by social media channels. 

I don’t think I’m far off on these thoughts, but at some point Facebook and Twitter can easily replace them. Think about it, how hard is it for a company to push a great deal out to their followers and sell a couple hundred? If the offer is worthwhile it will get passed along and in turn get the same results. Companies most likely will not support Groupons pricing model long term, really who wants to give a company 50% of their revenue?

If I pushed a sweet deal to the 1,200+ people that follow me on Twitter and a few people re-tweeted the offer one could easily produce similar results to Groupon and it wouldn’t erode the bottom line. 

Just a thought really. What do you think? Will Groupon be here in a year or two?

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