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After spending sometime with a hotel company I came to the realization that travellers for the most part are not getting an accurate portrayal of the hotel they may be selecting for their next trip.

Reviews are flawed, plain and simple. Doing a quick search on hotels falsifying reviews and I get more than 90,000 different instances where this comes up online. I’m sure if I spent more time on the subject I’d likely find much more. 

The question is, how do you improve this system? Without getting into too much detail we need to look at:

  • Start by looking at traditional reviews from hotel sites etc and do a comparison looking for reviews that just match to a point of 99% accuracy (clone reviews) and then discount the review or remove from our system all together.
  • then take a look at social media and analyze the conversations occuring around a hotel and really this isn’t taking it far enough, we need to look at statistics and conversations occuring around the property to capture the sentiment not only for the hotel but for the immediate surrounding area.

A small taste of what I am trying to do and that is all I am going to say for the time being. I am rolling out that will allow users to search for hotels, review the sentiment on the property and immediate area and then book a room.

I figure if this helps people make better decisions when booking hotels then it is a win. 


Current site is temporary and the full site will hopefully be going live this fall. The current site is powered using a partners API. You can still search and book hotel rooms. 


  1. I like the interface. Very easy to use and quite thorough with the results. I really like how it shows my viewed hotels also. Am I correct that we cannot see the reviews the rating is based on? It would be nice to see the comments if they are available.I checked a hotel in Ottawa that a friend just booked days ago for September and is in the ballpark with price she paid. She found that a lot had other costs, like parking, that were not included with some and was with others. Is it possible to indicate things like that without having to go through to book to find out? I realize that info may not be available to you but makes a big difference in price. 12-15$ a day for parking 10$ or so for internet etc.

  2. The "Current site is temporary and the full site will hopefully be going live this fall."I am still working on the review and rating component. One that differs from the traditional info provided to consumers. Any suggestions are welcome. I’d like to open a beta test with the review component sooner to people, but right now looking at the fall.

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