Influence measurement, not quite … Maybe a marketers dream.

The question a few people have been asking themselves … Just how popular am I? Enter the new and exciting world of social influence. A way to measure ones presence on the internet, well a small portion anyways. A somewhat flawed metric that analyzes a handful of channels and spits out some magical number that make people everywhere giddy with excitement.

But really, Social influence as defined by companies like Klout and PeerIndex. What is social influence and at the end of the day, how will it impact you? 

Well the short answer, improved targeting. People have granted access to these social influence companies and they have gathered tonnes of information on you and the only real benefit (other than inflating an ego or two) is advertising targeting. People are willinglly handing over every bit of personal information they have on the net and the end benefit to that user, more accurate marketing.

The likes of Klout and PeerIndex are a marketers dream. They know where you shop, what you buy, how often you go out and what you want to do on your next vacation. This is an excellent source of data for any company targetting consumers. Outside of that … ego boost.

In a time where people complain about privacy, we still seem willing to share it quite easily. 

What do you think about the social influence space?


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