Internet of things, fake things …

The internet is a massive lawless repository of peoples opinions, shopping and a variety of other things. It’s a bit of a mess.

One of these things is the ability to fake information and for some it is purely a criminal enterprise and in other cases just one person building a story or persona that is non existent. From fake companies and foundations to employment and education. We’ve had the opportunity to look at some of the issues around a few fake persona’s, companies and oddly foundations or charities while developing a software platform and it is an absolutely mind blowing practice.

Now a days you buy an education for $29.95, get a new drivers license,  a passport or even a whole identity on this ever growing dark internet. But the easiest fake’s we’ve seen are around people simply registering domain names and creating fake persona’s, companies and charitable organizations online.

This an age where consumers and companies need to watch for these people and websites. As an example we’ve seem numerous copies of one CV each with different education, companies that didn’t exist and other abnormalities. It occurs locally, nationally and internationally and will likely only get worse with the way technology advances.

Just a quick post, something I’ve been thinking about. If you’ve seen something, have some experience in this or a comment … Let me know in the comments section below.

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