Microsoft, AOL, Facebook, Instagram … etc etc …

The news maker today or the one making the most noise appears to be Facebook with their collosal purchase of Instagram for $1 billion. Mind blowing how such a young company with merely 30 million users and no revenue can be worth $1 billion. 

Here’s a question … If Instagram is worth a billion, what the hell is Kodak worth? 

Moving on … Instagram and Facebook, while interesting, is not the news peaking my interest. The news that caught my attention is the sale of patents by AOL to Microsoft. Most interesting is the patents includes those for browsers, voip and online communications. Be interesting to see what exactly will happen with those patents and how Microsoft will use them. 

Is Microsoft gearing up for some sort of legal challenge or merely taking the opportunity to enhance their current patent portfolio. 

Can’t wait to see how this plays out. 

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