Next steps. Onto something else.

The time has come and a new challenge awaits me somewhere. A new start up, work for someone else, or take what my father calls “a normal job” maybe. I have an interest in a couple of projects and a few ideas floating about in my mind. Who knows, but I am on the look out for something exciting. I continue to advise a couple of great start ups and for the time being I will remain on the Board of Mediabadger for an unspecified period while a few things are wrapped up.

Why the change. It was time. I have worked with some great people over the last 8 months on a number of challenges at one of my companies and now it is time to move on. That being said, I look forward to working with these folks in the future. Over the last couple of years I learned many great lessons about business and about people. Two things I take away with me, you never stop learning and disappointing people still exist. Choose wisely and learn from mistakes.

Onwards to the next challenge and success.


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