Nova Scotia, decisions and a gong show.

Brought this over from Facebook. Decided to share my thoughts on this Educations mess.

A rant of sorts.

While I don’t have kids, I will say this whole education mess in Nova Scotia is a gong show. Both sides are equally at fault and both are using kids to accomplish something.

Teachers going with #ReadytoTeach and it should also be noted they are also #ReadytoStrike. Look at the other side and the government is selling safety.

The whole thing is a mess and throwing more money at it isn’t going to resolve any issues. The system is broken, student numbers are declining and costs are increasing.

Fix the system long term, vs making short-term decisions that do nothing.

Also, politicians need to make fact-based decisions vs this nonsense of reactive decision making based on getting votes. Being a politician should be about accomplishing something, not a long term career cause you couldn’t do anything else.

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