Opinion, thoughts and clarification.

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions what I thought about Nova Scotia’s new take on cyber safety and after a brief look, it appears to still have issues. The primary issue seems to be accessibility and it is the most significant in the latest attempt to create legislation and that is unfortunate for those that are actually impacted by acts of cyberbullying.

Another issue with the legislation (and I’m not sure if this was addressed), the system was one-sided and there was no test or verification for the claim or evidence being presented. It is purely X said. An individual can completely fabricate/falsify documents with ease and they are accepted as is, even if an issue is raised.

I agree we need something and I agree more than just the bully should be held accountable. If the incident involves children, then they are likely a product of their environment and the parents need to be held accountable as well. Could a fine work?

For me, the last couple of years have been an ongoing headache and to date, I still receive “anonymous” emails of a questionable nature. What started as taking someone to task privately for doing things they shouldn’t have, turned into a complete circus with a system that was manipulated and gamed.

It is unfortunate that the system is now more difficult and costly to access, but at the same time, it needs to have protections for people when others are looking to manipulate or game the system.

Do you think Nova Scotia does enough? Could they do more?


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