Status Pending, Venturing into the world of business.

This is one post of what will likely be a few and to start this little blogging adventure. Lets kick this off with the foundation, the second most important part of kicking off that business. The first is likely deciding to do something and convincing yourself to go all in and make it a success. […]

Next steps. Onto something else.

The time has come and a new challenge awaits me somewhere. A new start up, work for someone else, or take what my father calls “a normal job” maybe. I have an interest in a couple of projects and a few ideas floating about in my mind. Who knows, but I am on the look […]

Some domain names for sale …

Have a few domain names for sale. These are domains I no longer use or domains that clients decided they didn’t need to pay for. If you see anything you’re interested in, do let me know as I will be accepting offers on all of them. Some I hope to recoup the expenses their past […]

The last 60 … a drain and a celebration.

Well a short time ago I did a post on the first 90 days of 2014, the ups and downs etc. After all the problems we’ve had to deal with, some of them serious in nature and some of the issues were just mind boggling. We’ve been sorting it all out. Now lets fast forward […]

What a year and not even 90 days into it …

2014 is cruising right along and I haven’t really been keeping up on the blog. Sadly life interferes and shit gets busy. That being said the first few months have been challenging. A friend who really wasn’t a friend, followed by a lot of work and a lot of questions. Not even 90 days into […]

2014 and beyond …

Welcome to 2014, hopefully the year of new and exciting. While 2013 was a pretty good year, it did have its moments. Moving on to a better year, I’d like to take the time and hopefully blog just a little more. Hopefully more exciting stuff versus the general rants I have been known for in […]

A cellular annoyance. Mobile phones in Canada. Getting unlocked with Bell.

This is a cell phone rant of sorts focused directly at Bell. I am currently not enjoying my interactions with Bell Canada and their inability to unlock my wife’s phone. It is really a mixed bag of messaging this company gives out to its consumers around the holy grail of unlocking ones iPhone. It appears […]

This night was loud …

Quick post and a few shots from the metal concert last night featuring Battlecross, All Shall Perish, Demon Hunter and In Flames. It was bloody loud and my ears still have a buzz today. The bass from a couple bands was also unreal, either fillings were coming out or my internal organs were being liquified. […]

A few shots from Twhisky …

Just a couple of photos from Twhisky and for you that are wonder what it is … Cigars, Scotch and Bourbon. Conversations, crazy and some BBQ.Looking to do a smoke free one for December and get a few more people out.

Today Mazda lost a client … a short rant!

I have been a loyal Mazda client for two years and have the service maintained as instructed by Mazda at their Halifax dealership, but today that relationship went south when Mazda Halifax tried to gouge me. As per the sticker placed on my windshi…