Privacy, what is it and what are our expectations?

Thought I’d quickly touch on this touchy subject. This is a topic that is mind boggling and a bit of a mine field.

What is privacy and what are peoples expectations? With social media this becomes a topic that can stump the best of us. People want privacy, yet they live their lives publicly on the internet. Is this an error on their part, are they unaware that they are revealing so much information? People share everything from photos of graduations, BBQ and  funerals to what they did at work and what they are doing after.

Do people give any thought to what they do on social media, do they even care or have people decided to ignore it for the time being (until Facebook or another company goes too far)? What can be determined even at the basic level? Given my experience you can generally determine the following without any crazy algorithms or tech:

  • Where a person works
  • At minimum where someone lives
  • Male/Female
  • Employed or other
  • Married, Single or other
  • Pet owner
  • Brands they like, what they buy & where they shop
  • Where they go & where they travel
  • What they read & like

The above is basic information and if you were to evaluate what you share, what would your life look like online?

Now this data, is it prone to error? It really comes down to what people share. The other issue, what is true and how much misinformation or fake are people selling online. We look at profiles of people that have clearly built a life that doesn’t exist outside of the internet (well it may exist to them & people they’ve fooled), but how much of the information we see, is real? People fake educations, employers, foundations and charitable work and so much more.

So how much privacy are we really seeking and how is privacy defined now vs even a decade ago?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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