Random thoughts on coffee, the news and other unimportant items.

Haven’t posted here in a while and thought I’d come back with a post on a few random items.

Starting with coffee … Halifax generally lacks in quality of coffee with only a handful of places producing a product worthy of consumption. The top coffee spots for me include:

In Canada:

  • Java Blend on North Street
  • Smiling Goat on South Park 

The UK:

  • Usually I end up at Costas or Nero. 

and well that is about it. If I’m not drinking coffee at any of those spots, then I’d rather make it myself. It seems that a number of coffee shops enjoy creating less than palatable substance that resembles coffee but tastes like bitter swill.

Moving on … The news. Locally I use to read the Herald online and now I can’t be bothered. Design changes have essentially rendered the website useless. I can’t be bothered to try and make my way through a site that is a visual mess and has poor flow. What do I like to read:

Just a small selection. My Google Reader has in excess of 100 sources that range from Engadget to Search Engine Watch.

Thinking I will continue this post at another time. I can include the demise of RIM or Canada’s next Nortel and maybe a quick vent on municipal politics. Who knows, depends on how much coffee I drink and what items of stupidity are in the news to get me thinking.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday!


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