Remember that tweet? Someone just bought it.

Over the last few days the news has been making its rounds that Twitter will be allowing whoever to purchase old tweets and the coverage so far seems to be everything from “outrage” to “who cares”. 2,000+ mentions on the subject since the press release went out. 

Personally, I could care less if Twitter sells my past public tweets. If I was concerned with the content of said tweets, I wouldn’t have made it publicly available on Twitter in the first place. So I’m really not sure what is causing users to be upset, the data is public and it has likely been stored by 3rd parties for quite sometime. Look at the search engine deals, or companies like Radian 6, they all access the twitter stream and I’m going to bet they have been creating a database for quite sometime. Twitter has just caught on and is now monetizing the practice even further.

Now, where I would have an issue is if Twitter started selling private data, DM’s to be exact. As long as they are not granting access to this stream, I’m ok with it. That data is private for a reason, obviously cause you didn’t want your neighbor reading he was a knob or something similar. 

What are your thoughts on this?


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