Site design done wrong, the reader ignored …

This is just a quick post to air my annoyance with poor design/usability (in my mind) at the Metro news website. It appears that when they opt’d to design this site they chose to ignore the user. See the screen grab below.


It all started on Twitter, I clicked a link on a news story that peaked my interest and when I arrive at the site I get:

  • An annoying Scotiabank ad that if you hover over fills a large chunk of the screen.
  • The header of the site.
  • A bunch of news stories I don’t really care to read.
  • and part of the title of the news story I was interested in … in a ridiculously large font. 

Now that all of those issues are listed, the other thing that is annoying is all the separate components that have to load and when they do it is slow (I’m on a 40MB internet connection).

The Metro needs to rethink their website. What did I do after clicking? Well took a screenshot, got annoyed, left the metro site and wrote this (and unfollowed on Twitter). Time to give the person in charge of usability a boot in the ass, the bounce rates on this site must be crazy.

Anyone else agree the site has issues?

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