Small business vs social media …

Just a thought I had this morning, Are small businesses over thinking social media or trying too hard? Every day a new social media consultant, expert or guru is born. Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account seems to be selling social media services and small businesses are buying it up. But is it necessary?

For some reason companies are under the impression that they need that “expert” to launch them into the social space and for a small business I am thinking they are buying into a service that is not nessesarily required. I would think that a simple approach is to treat social media like traditional networking, engage people, start conversations and participate.

Facebook, Twitter and blogging for example, are easy to get up and running. No secret sauce required and it is not like the social networks have created a system that requires a PhD to get up and running.

Maybe I’m over thinking this topic or small businesses just lack the confidence or skill set to effectively kick off their social media presence.

Any thoughts on this?


  1. To be honest I believe it is a combination of all the above plus other factors like media hype. Businesses in general are fed a constant stream of information telling them they must be on social media and to do it yesterday. Combine all of this with a lack of resources or knowledge and you have a perfect recipe for the scenario you’re describing.I believe a lot of this can be solved through simple education of these individuals. Provide them (business owners) with the fundamental tool set to reach out & engage through social media and they either will on their own or through a service. But at least if they choose to outsource it will be with an informed decision instead of a knee jerk reaction to hype & a fancy sales pitch.

  2. It’s the misconception that if they hire an expert, they’ll have a million followers in 2 months. Really, what most noobs need is a bit of coaching. With that, most get addicted and pick it up quickly. The hype is out of control.

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