Social capital or influence ranking, BS or useful?

This is really a starting point on what I hope will be a useful collection of thoughts on services like PeerIndex and Klout.

Are they social bull shit or something usefull?

I’m currently mixed on the application of these services at this time. Klout seems to be so far off the mark that I have recently been categorizing it as social bull shit. Now this is just from personal experience, others may have some luck and if so I would like to hear about it. Looking at my influence on Klout and I seem to rank well for “hearing”, “war”, “oslo” “vancouver canucks” and the list goes on. These topics leave me scratching my head. Also Klout only seems to look at a small part of ones social influence, Twitter and Facebook. i don’t think this accuratly gauges ones social influence at all.

Moving on …

PeerIndex seems to be a little more useful and well doesn’t seem to make shit up. The scoring or ranking seems to be somewhat accurate and while I am just getting started, they seem to be more on top of things. Lastly they don’t assess a single source or operate with blinders on, they seem to assess your online social presence or at least give you the opportunity to include a complete social picture. Something another company is lacking.

So, your thoughts on these services … Social Bull shit or useful? Leave your comments below.


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