Social Media and an Airline or two … A relationship like oil & water?

Just a quick post today after the uproar yesterday on this thing called the internet. Airlines (not all) seem to be slow learners or they have a completely different view on the world and the future of this thing called the internet.

You would think that after witnessing the blunders of other airlines, one would strive not to make the same mistakes. What ever am I referring to? As your all aware an airline yesterday had a mishap and damaged someones belongings … I know what your thinking, Really that never happens … Well it did and it’s not that people were surprised this happened, it was the response or lack thereof. This one event lead to a massive response on various traditional and social media channels, creating what would be for most normal businesses an extremely damaging PR mess.

Now the problem, In Canada our airlines have a virtual monopoly because the Canadian government won’t open the skies to competition. That being said, monopoly or not, one must realize that at some point they need to actively engage the consumer on the various available platforms instead of humoring them, ignoring or patting them on the head. It can’t be that difficult to fire the old PR/Marketing director and find someone with some vision, the willingness to engage/recognize the consumer. 

In the future this market will become more competitive, the skies will open, JetBlue etc will fly here, consumers will rejoice and I would think the airline(s) know this. How far does a business have to fall before they realize they have to change the way they conduct themselves?

This blog post is just a Ramdom Rambling … Share your thoughts, what do you think?

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