Social overload and the demise of Google+

A lot of chatter happening on the internet about Google+, with the lastest announcement around the opening of the system to everyone. Will this help, I am thinking no. While opening the flood gates to the Google+ network will result in sign ups, I think overall the usage will stay stagnent with minimal growth. 

People will sign up, kick the wheels and then realize, they just don’t have the time to maintain multiple social profiles. Google+ will then suffer at the hands of facebook, where users have established their online presence.

All this being said I don’t think Google+ will fade away, I do think it will become another Orkut and serve a limited market.

I am thinking it is time for Google to innovate, do something cool and change the way we use social media and the internet. How about thinking outside the box. I don’t want another facebook, I want something that changes the way I browse the net, communicate and share. 

Google needs to stop trying to be everyone else and come out with the next big thing. They have the brain power and the resources, lets see something new.

Google+ is now part of the social overload and being late to the game will result in a lackluster showing. 

What do you think?


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  1. I have to say, while I kind of agree with what you are saying, Robert, although Facebook has already started to imitate the features that G+ introduced – circles became the soon to be introduced Facebook Friend Lists, and there’s already a notice featuring Facebook "Ticker", for instant interaction. That being said, G+ still does need to have a major break-through to differentiate themselves from almost all other SM tools. Does anyone remember Apple’s ping? No, me neither.

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