Some automotive aggravations … Add ons that make you go, Huh?

Lately while driving around the fair city of Halifax and the surrounding areas I have been noticing more and more vehicles with completely useless crap attached to them.

First, the spoiler. That bit of plastic on the back of the Neon or Civic. Is it??necessary, no. I can almost be certain that those cars and most in this province will never go fast enough to require a spoiler. At what point does a Neon require extra down force while driving down the 102?

Take a look at this video:

Now you will have noticed that the??Bugatti Veyron uses a spoiler and this is because it requires down force. In this video the car exceeds 400 kph and the down force is required. At no time is more down force required in a Civic or Neon.

Moving on. Exhaust??extensions, also known as??fart cans. Why? One they don’t improve performance and if they do, it wouldn’t be anything??noticeable. These devices merely draw attention to cars you probably wouldn’t want to draw attention to. It’s not like your driving a??Ferrari??Scaglietti or an Audi R8. Your driving a 120bhp sewing machine that you do not need to draw attention to.??

That’s all for the time being.??

If you’ve seen foolish things done to cars … Add them here.

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