Thoughts on Social Media …

Giving some thought to the ever changing and not so complex world of social media.

First up the influx of social media consultants, the business opportunity that in some ways milks foolish small business owners. While companies should definitly participate in social media, I’m not sure everyone needs to pay the local IT person, janitor, sales guy extrordinaire to rep your business online.

Here we go, quick lesson! Social media for dummies, it is quite easy and anyone can do it. Well almost anyone. In speaking with a couple of small local firms, I am confused as to what can cost a small business thousands of dollars. They don’t need a fancy strategy, they most likely don’t need someone to tweet for them and odds are facebook will not provide the golden egg they are seeking.

Social media simplified: Have you ever been networking? If so you can figure this social media thing out. Sign up, follow, listen and engage. Quite easy. 

As I’m now bored harping on the “consultants”, I will move on to another item that has had the life beat out of it lately… yet another blurb on Google+ (Maybe I’ll move onto RIM next). 

Google+, here to stay or fade away? I’m not 100% sure but I am thinking that a large portion of the current users do not actually use Google+ at this point. And down the road I see Google+ primarily becoming a recipient for regurgitated content. People are commited to Facebook and Twitter, as they have built networks. People are kicking the wheels of Google+, but are they here to stay?

I think the next big thing will be for teens/young adults. As parents, grandparents etc overrun Facebook this age group will look for a new safe haven to call their own. It’s just not that much fun when your parents are watching.

That’s all for now. 

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