To follow or not to follow …

A question was recently raised, one that I thought I would address. I was asked why I wasn’t following person X, even after repeated attempts to get me to follow. 

Well it is simple, I have a few rules I adhere to when someone follows me on a social network. 

Starting with Twitter: 

  • If you have 20,000 followers and you have followed 25,000, then likely you are playing some stupid game and have no interest in actually participating any any sort of conversation.
  • If I go and check out your twitter account and it appears all you do is spew links and bull sh** then I will likely not follow. 
  • If you have some vomit enducing bio that makes me want to delete your account for you, then I probably won’t follow.

and last but not least …

  • If your stream is full of Klout, Runkeeper, Foursquare or other foolish bull sh** … Then I likely won’t follow.

Some exceptions to the above rules apply. 

Now as far as Facebook goes, If I don’t consider you a friend, family or someone I have actually met and like, odds are I won’t accept.

And then all of the other channels I particpate in, which include: Path, Linkedin,, Google+ (Well I have an account), Kiltr, etc etc etc. The list goes on. I try the new, the latest and the reccomended, until I have no time for it or it becomes not worth it. 

And that’s about it. Simple rules to try and reduce the noise in my social spaces.

How do you determine if you follow someone or not?

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