Today Mazda lost a client … a short rant!

I have been a loyal Mazda client for two years and have the service maintained as instructed by Mazda at their Halifax dealership, but today that relationship went south when Mazda Halifax tried to gouge me.

As per the sticker placed on my windshield, I took my Mazda in for its regular maintenance only to be shocked when the service rep called me to let me know that my car needed just over $1,000 worth of work. I was told that 3 components at the rear of the vehicle needed to be replaced. My springs were broken, sway bars were shot and some other bar had bearings that clearly needed replacing.

Not fully knowledgeable on the workings of my car, I proceeded to Mazda for clarification and asked to be shown the problem areas. The service manager and a mechanic showed me the issues, the service manager even went as far to inform me that given the condition of the parts, I am likely endangering myself. He then proceeded to question the quality of the inspection done 3 months earlier at a national garage, which is odd as I had the car at Mazda just before the inspection. Needless to say I was skeptical, moreso because I just had the rear rotors replaced at a national franchised garage the day before and no problems existed.

I proceeded to finish with the regular maintenance at Mazda Halifax and took the car to another garage. This national franchise removed the rear tires and inspected every component/issue raised by Halifax Mazda (actually 3 different people reviewed the issues) and not one item was an issue. The springs which according to the service manager should be a safety concern were in fact fairly new and not broken. The other two items had normal wear but were not in need of replacing. The mechanic classified Mazda’s assessment as “someone looking for fly shit in pepper”. They were obviously short on work today. 

One thing is clear, if you are looking to foster long term client relationships … Don’t fear monger/bull shit, lie or try and gouge them. 


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