What a year and not even 90 days into it …

2014 is cruising right along and I haven’t really been keeping up on the blog. Sadly life interferes and shit gets busy. That being said the first few months have been challenging. A friend who really wasn’t a friend, followed by a lot of work and a lot of questions. Not even 90 days into 2014 and there has been a lot of head scratching. But what does one do, dwell on the situation or kick some ass and move on. I’ve chosen the ass kicking part.

One of my projects is in now moving in the right direction after some corrective measures. Product launching and getting set to kick off a funding round soon. Very exciting times for the team and very grateful for the friends and advisers I  have that help me make the right decisions. Surrounding yourself with good, you can’t go wrong.

What else has gone on this year … Not a lot. All work and it has become fun again. Some of it was always fun. I quite enjoy the work I do with a Halifax start up, the energy is fantastic and the teams enthusiasm is contagious.

2014, will be good. Taking off next month (for a week) to unwind a little with my better half and then right back into it.

Again, I’ll try and make more of an effort to write here. Life gets busy and the blog gets neglected. Good place to have a brain dump though.

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