You don’t measure anything online … Why not?

This is a quick post on the joys of the mislead business or one that has piles of money to burn? Why do companies fail at measuring what they are doing online? Any digital marketing is measurable in one way or another, yet companies consistantly drop the ball when it comes to the simplist of tasks … Deploying and monitoring an analytics solution on their website.

Google analytics, it’s free and easy to use. But for some reason companies seem to think that deploying this sort of tool will be time consuming, provide limited value and cost a hell of a lot of money. Well at least one of the assumptions are true, it can consume some time. However at the end of the day with proper analysis, analytics can provide a mass of information to improve marketing campaigns, social media efforts and new target markets. And no, you don’t have to spend a fortune deploying analytics on your site, the free options on the market, like google analytics, beat the pants off some of the commercial products in the market.

I have seen companies spending thousands marketing a service, a product and the business itself, online and have no tracking whatsoever. Two out of the last five companies I talked to had no idea, hell one of them had an agency and well no effort on the analytics. How do you improve your internet marketing efforts with no way of seeing what is going on, you don’t.

Without some form of analytics and regular analysis, your pissing away your marketing efforts and money. If you think it’s working, it could be doing better.Get your analytics up and running, define goals and start tracking. You can then monitor your campaigns, manage them more efficiently and engage the consumer with improved success.

This post could go on quite sometime, but I am going to cut it short. Knowing what is happening with your website, marketing campaigns and your visitors is essential. It allows you to make informed decisions.

If you have anything to add to this, feel free in the comments section below.

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